Performance Information Management System (PIMS)

The Department of Social Development is responsible for oversight and performance management of the agencies reporting to the Minister of Social Development which are NDA and SASSA. The main purpose for developing PIMS was to develop and strengthen governance systems and processes between the department and public entities.

The M&E unit in conjunction with the Comprehensive Social Security branch has developed a data system and process for the management of information on the Social Assistance Programme in the monitoring of SASSA. However, despite the data system, the shortcoming of this is that it only focuses on the Social Assistance Programme but excludes other critical programmes such as the Community Development Programme which is partly implemented through the National Development Agency among others. To address the problem the Chief Directorate: Entity Oversight and Management before it was dissolved, developed a performance information and tracking system for public entities as a means of tracking the performance of public entities and reporting thereon at the various level of the department.

PIMS will assist the Department in achieving the following ways:

• Be a Central repository of information and knowledge for the Department and Public entities, with the following modules included.

  • Strategic plans
  • Annual Performance Plans
  • Operational Plans
  • Agency Agreements and Performance Agreements of CEOs.
  • Analysis and Submissions of Report
  • Reports (Audit reports, Financial reports, quarterly performance and annual reports)
  • Parliamentary questions and responses
  • Presentations to the various committees, forums and boards including minutes, etc.
  • Progress reports on audit and risk plans
  • Business processes of entities

• Have dashboard to track on the following:

  • The level of achievements against Performance scorecard
  • Spending level against the approved or transferred Budgets of public entity
  • Compliance to laws; rules; regulations; norms and standards reporting in line with the Compliance Checklist and Reporting Schedule as per the PFMA and Treasury Regulations (TR) by public entities.
  • Progress against Audit and Risk Plans of public entities

• Possible candidates to be appointed to boards of public entities, statutory bodies.

 • Automated reminder messages to public entities to submit compliance reports to the DSD.

 • Have compliance checklist

 • Above all the system assist in integrating all the reports from different units that are responsible with oversight over SASSA.

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